Get Noticed!

Get Noticed!

A Message from Idaho Job Service


create your profile with the career information you choose” work history, skills, job

preferences, salary expectations, education level and decide if your profile remains private or if

you wish to share it with employers in a SECURE environment. Update it anytime.

THE EMPLOYER searches our database of job seekers for possible matches based on what they need

work history, skills, job preferences, salary expectations, education levels.

THE MATCH If a match is made to your job seeker profile, the employer can contact you, and

YOU decide if you want to pursue the opportunity.


Create or update your online

searchable profile today so

employers can find you!


*Employers start searching our profile database in March 2009.

Sign up now at to pursue your future.

Connect you with more employers than you

can contact on your own.

 Allow you to maintain confidentiality.


Let you choose what information a

prospective employer can see.


Showcase your qualifications to any number

of the more than 50,000 employers served

by the Idaho Department of Labor.

 Save you time and increase exposure.

Match you with the kind of jobs you want.

The Idaho Department of Labor is an equal opportunity employer / service provider. We are committed to providing

employment services and programs and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex,

age, disability or political affiliation. 02/09


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