Every Hero Has a Story - Summer Reading Program

Our Summer Reading Program was a great success.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers!  With out you we wouldn't be able to put this program on.  Also a big thanks to all the parents who get their kids, and some even the neighbors kids, to the park to participate. 

"Over 30 years of studies consistently show that students who do not continue reading over the summer lose as much as 3 to 4 months of academic progress. This is especially true for low-income children. While children in higher-income families have access to books and participate in activities that support continued learning, children in low-income families have few books in the home and have restricted access to them.
By the end of the sixth grade much of the achievement gap between high-income and low-income children can be attributed to loss of learning over the summer months. Some studies estimate that this gap can be as wide as three years."

From “Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap,” by Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen. Teachers College Press, Columbia University, NY, and the International Reading Association. 2013.

Because of this research, we will continue to encourage reading this summer by keeping our book buck store open throughout August.  Book bucks are earned by reading, for every hour a child reads, or is read to, they earn one book buck.  Book bucks are then redeemed in the book buck store located in the library.

Valley County Genealogy Society

The VCGS (Holdings:

  • Vertical Files containing Family Information - new articles, photos and donated stories which include cassette and VHS recorded interviews of Valley County (Long Valley) pioneer descendants
  • Newsletters: Our own HERITAGE as well a those exchanged with other genealogical societies
  • Valley County Obituaries from approximately 1940 - 2006
  • Several local histories such as WHEN CASCADE WAS BORN by Gratia Bacon Matthews
  • Reference book for genealogical research in general, for specific state, and certain topics


  • Searches done at the county courthouse (as time permits) - Reimbursement costs are only for printing and mailing - Submit search request to our email VCIdaho83611@yahoo.com


  • Annual membership is $10.00 which includes the Society' newsletter, THE HERITAGE.  This publication includes features of Valley County pioneers, indexes of early census, local histories, early records such as post office money order and general genealogical interest article.


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