Preschool Storytime Wednesdays 10 am - 11 am

Wednesdays we are now open early just for you at 10 am for Preschool Storytime. Look forward to seeing you all here.

Tom Davis

The following contributed to the Cascade Public Library in
honor of Tom Davis:  

Carolyn and Kenneth Hurst, Cascade Auto/Gary and Ann Young, Cecil
and Betty Nowland, Cloverdale Nursery/Hans Borbonus, David and Susan Gilmour, Dennis and Joann Shaul, Diane and Clark Hendrickson, Diane Dechambeau, Don and Shawna Keithly, Donald and Betty Watts, Dorthy Grimaud, Edwin and Leilani Davis, Eugene and Linda Decker, Gary and Kathy Swain, Gay and Randy Roberts, Harry Bettis, Hester Thorburn, Idaho Retriever Club, James and Darlene Morgan, James Zatica, Janet Ford, John and Jo Ann Recla, Johnny and Sherry Jaca, Julie and Ernie Van Matre, Leora and Dan Mabe, Linda and Garry Webb, Little Family Endowment/Idaho Community Foundation, Lowell and Patricia Hursh, M. D. Adams, Marilyn Whitson, Marj Cojerean, Mel and Marlene Cruso, Nellie Downend, R. E. and R. L. Schoonover Trust, Richard and Janice Reineke, Robert and Mary Maag, Robert and Patricia Scott, Robin and Jim Mayfield, Ronald and Sally Wise, Ruth Bly, Shirley and Ed Huston, T. E. and V. C. Enright, Clarence and Mary Horsager/Clar-Mar International, Charles
and Marla Myklegard, Gwen and Michael Cammann, DMD,PA, Bernie and Darlene Gratton, Elwood and Frances Webb, Darlene and Tom Stenkamp, Kristin and Rory Retzlaff, Larry and Sandra Cross.



We strive to inform, enrich and empower every person in our community by creating and promoting easy access to a vast array of ideas and information, and by supporting an informed citizenry, fostering lifelong learning and love of reading.

Little Library, Big Dreams

Cascade Public Library is nestled in the mountains 75 miles north of Boise. Cascade is a favorite weekend getaway for many Idahoans. In the summer our population explodes as snowbirds flock back to spend the warmer months in the pristine splendor of the Northern Rocky Mountains.


Read to MeSpecial thanks to Read to Me, a service of the Idaho Commission for Libraries. Read to Me is an early literacy initiative which provides information, training, technical assistance, and resources for Idaho libraries and their community partners. Find out more at

Images of Cascade Courtesy of Mike Huston

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Your Health Idaho

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Tax Forms

Tax forms We have the following Tax Forms in now:

Idaho Tax Book with included forms and Idaho Grocery Credit

FEDERAL Forms/Schedules:

1096,  1099 MISC,  W-3,  W-2, 1040 SCH C, 1040 SCH E, 1040 SCH EIC, 1040 SCH A, 1040 SCH B, 1040 SCH SE, 1040 SCH C-EZ, F 4868, F 1040, F 1040 A, F 1040 EZ, P 523, F 1040 ES, E 182 W & F 1040 X

We now have federal tax books 1040, 1040 A and 1040 EZ.